Sagittarius 4 march horoscope

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope: December |

Your disposition is sunny and cheerful, and you will always get back to this again. This month you begin to emanate positive thoughts. This is the key to your happiness: your ability to find a happy thought. We are our thoughts and if you can develop and deepen this idea, improvements will be made.

Your Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Your change in attitude will impress others which feeds your confidence. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Scorpio which brings intensity, magnetism and focuses to all areas of your life.

You may feel clarity in areas where before you were muddled. This helps you to get to where you both need and want to be.

What March's Sagittarius Horoscope Means for You

On the 15th, Venus moves into Capricorn which fosters respect, support and protection, especially from your partner. Capricorn likes to do things the right way, and it believes in tradition and structure.

This energy helps you organise yourself and push forward with some momentum in a meaningful way that can be life-changing. Mars in Scorpio is an intense placement which can bring up some big fish. Ultimately whatever else may go on, your personal life is a place of relief and should be enjoyed.

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In reality, it is usually a case of projection. See Sagittarius Decan 3 for more or buy eBook at end of post.

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  4. The above interpretations are a small sample of the rising sign section of my Sagittarius decan eBooks. There are also detailed explanations of the fixed stars for the decan also.

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    Examples in the Weekly Fixed Stars post. My sun and mid heaven are there and my moon is only one decan over..

    Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 4th March 2019

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