Globe and mail horoscope march 26

Opportunity will come knocking this week and you must not hesitate to grab it with both hands. Be decisive.

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The more effort you have put into something the more reluctant you will be to give up on it, but you have no choice in the matter. Life will only be an ordeal if you make it an ordeal, so sit back and enjoy the passing parade.

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No matter how carefully you choose your words they will react in a negative manner, so you might as well stay quiet. You can be too adventurous for your own good. Do you tell someone what they want to hear or what they need to hear? Being an honest sort of person you most often take the latter route but today, if no other day, that may not be such a good idea. Keep it sweet for them. There is no point pretending to be something you are not because others will see through your act with ease.

Whatever it is you are working on you must be true to your nature and deal with it the way you know best. It will go fine. Relax and deal with issues as and when they arise. Your easygoing brilliance will see you through. This is a great time for making plans but remember that the best plans are those that are flexible and can easily be changed. Making plans is one thing but carrying them out is another thing entirely. Adapt, survive — and thrive! We have closed comments on this story for legal reasons or for abuse.

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Daily Cancer Horoscope, Tuesday, 3 December 12222

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Sally Brompton. Special to The Globe and Mail. The period from mid-September to mid-November, when first Venus, then Mars, boogie their way through your birth sign will bring all sorts of wonderful liaisons some personal, some professional and, yes, some very romantic. Travel is also well starred and while you may not venture far from your home base you will discover new places of interest in and around your own neighbourhood.

Common events will have unusual consequences. Education is the key to success in and whatever your age, sex or circumstances you will discover that each day has something new to teach you — about yourself, about other people and about reality in general.

Explore new ideas not just by thinking about them but by applying them on an everyday basis. By the time Mars enters your sign in mid- November your pioneering spirit will have taken you further than you have ever gone before. What is it that motivates you? What is it that inspires you?

Focus on that single thing and make it t he centrepiece of your existence.

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When Mars links with Jupiter in January, May, July and November your efforts to change your own life for the better could change the world for the better too. It us certainly a better place for having you in it.

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By the time Jupiter enters your sign in December you will have taken the world by storm — and stirred up a few storms of your own. You need to be aware though that not everyone will be happy that you are spending more time with strangers than with the people you love. Communication is key: let them know what you are up to and invite them to get involved as well. Creatively you will be on a high around this time, so decide what it is you most want to achieve and set your sights higher than ever before, because what others say is impossible you will accomplish with ease. The period just before that, from mid-May to the end of June, is important too, as the influence of Mars will endow you with almost superhuman levels of energy.

The world will believe a Pisces can fly!