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This Dosha is said to be formed when the lord of income 11th house goes in to any house of disaster Trik house. If the native does not force any yoga to get activated it will not give any results. This means that the presence of this Dosha in the horoscope is a sign of caution and precaution for the native to not be extravagant in his business pursuits.

He should not be in manipulative businesses in which there are chances of heavy losses, and the business of speculation is also not their cup of tea. This clearly means that natives with this yoga should avoid any investments or commitments which involve high financial dealings that could ruin them.

Astrological Importance:

The luminary planet loses its sheen and sparkle due to this blemish. Natives with this kind of Dosha should not be in a constant thinking mode. They should also be taking very good care of their health. One must further determine what lordship these luminaries have so that the significations of that house can be protected. Kuja Dosha: Placement of Mars, a dreaded planet, is not considered auspicious in some houses Bhav which gives domestic happiness.

This negative placement of Mars is seen with hesitation, and people try and overlook these horoscopes for marriage. The hidden meaning of this Dosha is not understood by most of us. Mangal or Mars is not as dreaded as it is calumniated. If activated, it is not considered that bad, unless it is badly positioned.

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Various proportions can be thrown on the native so that they can alter or change their nature. Here, the significance of other planets can be effectively used. In times when the females of a household are working shoulder-to-shoulder with their men, this Dosha becomes a Yoga.

Guru Chandal Yoga: The Guru also gets blemished. Rahu does that and creates a rebellious yoga called the Guru Chandal Yoga. Rahu prevents Guru from tracking the righteous path and forces the person to be an outcast. However, no Dosha or Yoga can fructify without activation. These are aptly activated only when other planets play their significant parts and are simultaneously blessed by the Dasha and Gochar. Rahu may have been attributed as a negative planet but it acts as a catalyst and activates the significance of the planet in a positive manner.

If not for Rahu, scientific developments could not have taken place as Rahu imparts out-of-the-box thinking. In the present scenario, those having a Guru Chandal Dosha in their horoscope along with other planets to their support may actually be more blessed than others.

Shakat Dosha: Guru and Moon are Shadastaka relationship in the horoscope of the native, and this prevents coherency between the mind and the intuition. The yantra can be tied as a rakshai to the child's person to ensure safety of the child. Unfortunately, I cannot give it out here due to taboos associated with its initiation. There may be learned persons in your locality who have been initiated into the mantra for removal of baalaarishta dosham. The appropriate yantra can be prepared, and holy ashes will also be energized.

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These can be rolled into a talisman and tied to the child's person for ensuring its safety from all doshams throughout its childhood. This can be done even if the child's horoscope is not afflicted in any way at all!

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Even if your child's horoscope has been diagnosed as one afflicted with balarishta dosha, you need not panic. There is an advantageous flip side to this!

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If a child is severely afflicted with baalaarishta dosha, and if it survives its childhood sufferings, then in later years that child will have a wonderful destiny. So, if your child's horoscope has balarishta dosha, take heart Maybe you have a great soul or a great conqueror in your care! Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

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