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I rejoice in my personality while understanding full well how flawed and frayed it can be. I regularly tell myself that it is because of these very funny flaws that I love myself. It means I am human and I love the fact that I am just another human on this earth trying to find my way back to loving all that is whenever I can. So what? Speaking of coming out of hibernation; this is an extremely potent new moon that we are entertaining on Sunday and it means to make you boss.

Go for what you want for goodness sake! You are going to die sooner than you think. If you are not going after what you want in every way that you can then you either need to start doing so or step out of the way. The rest of your tribe is about to trample you with their sideways shuffle. The more you let go of what is holding you in place, in the least helpful place, the easier this transition will be. Do what you can for your chosen profession; the new moon aims to shake things up in this area of your life. The more unconventional you can be right now in this domain of your life the better.

New Moon Affirmation: I get real with my work by embracing risks and encouraging my creativity.

March 30th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

Taking appropriate risks means that I believe in my capacity to grow, stretch and find my way as I go. I risk my comfort to foster my growth. Looks like you are about to get your mind blown, Leo. I want you to read the most innovative authors, listen to the most far out music and take in some of the most liberated art that you can come into contact with.

Invite friends that think outside the box over for tea. Entertain the most radical of rabbis, monks and spiritual leaders that you have in your orb. Allow yourself to seek out new material that will stretch your perceptions of reality. Learn laws of physics that remember you to your eternal nature and break from the traditions that bind you to a dead faith. Turn off the TV if you are mostly glued to it. Go watch some trees instead and see what they have to say about life. Go talk to the humans that you actually come face to face with instead.

If you can, get on a plane, train, in a car or Harley and get out of here. Get high on some deep and eternal wisdom, this is no time to hang with the lowest common denominator. New Moon Affirmation: I am open to new ways of thinking, newer than what I think of as new.

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My mind is a creative Petri dish of exponential experimental happenings. I unleash that kind of potential now. I am open to receiving guidance from all sources of knowledge; babies, flowers, mad hatters and texts that burn bright with the words of truth. There are no boxes in my thinking, no limits to my insights and nothing stopping me from being in line with the Universal Genius. New Moon Affirmation: I am willing to go through whatever it takes to understand myself better.

I embrace the experiences that bring me into a greater awareness of self. I understand that there are many things about myself that I cannot see; things that may startle me blindside me and interrupt my usual daily functions once they have come to consciousness.

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This week I prepare for such realizations by shining the light on my side of the equation in any given circumstance. Other people that I am in partnership with have a responsibility to themselves and have equal responsibility for the shared experience. All I can do is focus on what is mine to care for, and I do care for it. I care because every experience that I go through is just another opportunity to shepherd myself through something; another opportunity to love myself through something.

This is another opportunity to grow because nothing in this universe can stop me from growing spiritually. That is a power, a right and an obligation that is indisputably mine. I take it as the most important job I could ever have. I lay at the feet of this new moon and I offer up my fear, resignation, stagnation and doubt.

Daily horoscope for Saturday March 30 – here’s what the stars have in store for you today

I prepare myself for unlimited connection to the psychic forces that are always there for me to utilize. The more honest I am about everything in my life the more connected I become to it. Just a few question for you, Libra. Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? Do you want to live in self-righteous rage?

Or do you want to line in a perpetual state of giving to yourself what you expect others to give to you? For some of you singletons you may meet someone completely out of the blue that knocks your socks off and is gone in the same instant. For coupled folks you will most likely be struck by some very electrifying truth about how you relate and how the relationship is functioning. For others it will be precisely the thing that your ego may wish not to happen; the thing that makes you think, and this is why it never works out for me-God hates me.

I am doomed to a life of miserable misery because nothing stays the same and everything breaks eventually.

Then the heavens open up and send a bolt of lightning that fries you to the core. You must. Simply, effortlessly bring your conscious awareness back to your body, back to this breath and say what can I do for myself in this moment that would make me feel more loved, more seen and more valued?

Make that your New Moon Affirmation. If ever there was a time to break a pattern that you know you need to break the time is now. Crack goes the condition that binds you in illness if you really set your intention on making a clean break. Some information in it may no longer be current.

You will embark on a journey of inner discovery over the coming 12 months, one that never truly ends. As Mars moves in your favor tomorrow you must remember to take as well as give. The more you have focused on your inner life in recent weeks the more you will now move in the other direction and focus on the world at large.


There is so much that is exciting and enticing out there. Get involved and make your mark. Put on a show.


March 30th Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

Instead of rushing into a new situation, or trying to bend an old situation so it works more to your liking, just back off and let things happen. The planets indicate that your best strategy by far is to respond to events rather than to initiate them. All sorts of exciting things are going on around you at the moment but if you are smart you will ignore each and every one of them and focus on finishing something that, while maybe a bit dull by comparison, will give you a real sense of achievement. Anyone who thinks they can do better than you by working harder than you has clearly never seen you in action.

You need to channel your talents in a direction that benefits you rather than other people. Yes, of course, you can still help those less fortunate than yourself but your good works must not take up most of your time. Be good to yourself.

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Can you persuade partners and colleagues to follow your lead? Do you really need to?

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