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He is an excellent negotiator and good investor to maintain a stable economic status. He may also take up planned risk occasionally. Fashion Aquarius man looks irresistible with dark blue color suit. He selects his jewelry that is practical and gives him a very decent look. He always looks for latest fashion but finally dress up to satisfy him not others.

Relationships Aquarius man may have lot of friends but only very few are close to him. He maintains an emotional distance between him and others. Apart from this, he is a loyal individual with high values towards relationship. Romance Aquarius man is greatly attracted towards both physical and mental appeal.

He is highly innovative and deeply unpredictable but gives unconditional love to his competent partner. Health Aquarius man who is known to have active lifestyle may experience issues with his legs. He loves to take part in sports but should do it with extra care. Career Aquarius man can become an excellent leader only if he keeps a check on his contradictory behavior and stubborn nature. He proves to be good at broadcasting, education, engineering, photography and mechanics.

Are you looking for a raise in Career? He just perfectly suits the type of men who can be a friend and lover at the same time. Moreover, his love is born from friendship. However, in the same place and can end. But on the other hand it attracts female coquetry, he himself does not mind flirting and practicing in his eloquence. And the more interesting the woman is, the more she can fall in love with herself.

He is attracted by the female mind, he likes intellectual conversations, talks about everything.

The Aquarius Male

Especially if the meeting itself was unexpected and unplanned. Do not miss Aquarius! He stopped your eyes on you? Let him know that you like him too. Aquarius is somewhat unsure of himself, it is difficult to disclose and rarely someone asks for something. Do yourself a step to meet — he will make two.

Step backward — he will step back from you in four steps. But do not go ahead. Touches, glances, encouragements, omissions — the best reception of communication at the stage of acquaintance and the first date. Do not try to make him jealous — he is not jealous. Do not say anything insulting to him: he remembers the insults for a long time.

He likes all the unexpected, unusual, for example, an unexpected pleasant pastime in the circle of friends, where there will be a lot of interesting communication. It must be remembered that he is not a supporter of all traditional, conservative.

Aquarius Man in Love

And he constantly draws all the unknown, and if a woman shares his views, it will allow him to become even closer to him. He likes to attract, fascinate, seduce a woman, likes to flash with his eloquence and impress. Only this can be the final stage of acquaintance. Since the man of Aquarius love can appear from friendship, and then end up in bed. He is attracted by the play of words, conversations on any topic.

But knowing a woman better, can lose interest in her. Especially, if anything serious did not connect them. He treats sex without special exalted emotions and feelings, they do not need him. But the desire to diversify their lives and pushes to love adventures, adventures.

If a woman will share his beliefs, then he will stay with her longer. But in any case, unpredictability will manifest itself. Man Aquarius in bed is deprived of traditions, complexes and prejudices and he likes the same not complexed women, with whom you can experiment a lot.

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But it is useless to wait for special sensuality, tenderness and affection from him. Sex for him is the usual satisfaction of needs and, if possible, new impressions. It will take a lot of effort, though it is not known how it will end. From the courtesy of the Aquarius man, nothing will be instantly, if you start to manipulate him, to exercise power.

He is the brightest fighter for equality, for freedom, quickly turns into situations where the rights to private life are violated, where freedom is violated, and independence is restricted. He believes that everyone has the right to live as he or she wants, and no one has the right to force, incline, force.

Any compulsion, obsession, he rejects at the root. And his behavior becomes even more unpredictable. Therefore, if you decided to marry a man of Aquarius, first you need to make sure of the seriousness of his intentions and feelings, how much he agrees to take responsibility for solving family problems.

After all, it often happens that he does not want to take on an extra obligation, there is no desire to be someone, something due. Sometimes he can even break off relations or begin to show more coldness, indifference. If he feels that he begins to get used to a woman. And he does not like this, he highly values independence, hence it must be in feelings, emotions. On the one hand, he can easily agree to a marriage, under the influence of flooded thoughts, but not emotions, but also quickly lose interest in him.

A married life will be a purely formal fulfillment of duties. Attitude to the marriage of a man Aquarius is peculiar and often not so traditional and standard as many people do. All things being equal though, Aquarius men are amongst the more kinky, yes. He will appreciate an intellectual and independent partner with an unconventional mind, who isn't too emotionally needy.

More than anything he wants an intellectual companion with whom he can communicate, and similarly the Aquarius man often won't consider a lover who isn't him best friend first. Due to this, the quality and balance of your relationship will largely be determined by the mental connection between you.

How to attract an Aquarius man: Surprise him

Aquarius men can be hesitant about making a total commitment such as marriage, or any other form of partnership, because of their strong desire for independence. However, when an Aquarian marries, the marriage is usually stable. They are loyal and faithful to their partner, although often they are not prone to displays of public affection. Aquarians can be amongst the most frustrating people to date at the start of a relationship.

Being independent and often emotionally reserved it's common for partners to be unsure of their feelings. The good news is that Aquarius men rarely date someone they aren't interested in. They typically don't feel the need to always be dating someone in the same way that more emotional signs sometimes do.

It's nearly always safe to say that if your Aquarius goes on more than 3 or 4 dates with you then he is definitely interested. As a side on this, they typically wont consider a sexual relationship prior to establishing a mental connection with you. If they seem reserved sexually when first dating that typically isn't a bad thing.

It's very important however to focus on the mental conversation connection between you and not press them sexually in that situation, as that will typically turn them off or push them away.

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For a full description of how an Aquarius man acts when in love please see our article on Aquarius in love. Your Aquarius will have his own unique personality traits. This article talks about sun signs, however there are many other factors. For example his moon sign determines his emotional personality which affects whether he is sensitive, romantic, loyal etc. With his date, time and location of birth these other factors can be calculated for a complete picture of his personality.

To explore this further please see my article on astrology compatibility readings. I have a list of the top most famous Aquarius celebrities and historical figures. If you capture his mind then you capture him. If you have great conversations, he's probably already hooked, regardless of any lack of feedback you may be picking up on.

On the other hand Aquarians rarely stay with a partner for long if there isn't a minimum level of mental stimulation. You don't need to be Einstein, but you do need to be interested in talking to him! Aquarians tend to enjoy spontaneity and freedom in relationships. In extreme cases they can even see making plans as a form of control. Amongst other elements they often don't want to discuss living together, marriage etc too early in the relationship.

This is quite normal and shouldn't be a cause for concern as it might be with more sensitive signs. Some Aquarians will commit early, but it's quite normal if they are reluctant to do so. Pressing the issue will typically do more harm than good. Relationships are complex things, comprising hundreds of individual elements.

Sun signs are one of these, however a detailed analysis of everything is required to find all the strong and weak areas. Please see the article on astrology and soulmates for more information on how astrology can be used to determine if someone is your soulmate. Online relationships and long distance relationships have unique challenges.

One of these is that you get to see one side of someone very clearly: their personality. You don't however get to see anything about other factors such as sexual attraction.