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Sign In. Personalized Horoscope. Male Female. Physical Appearance For Virgo Ascendant Virgo Ascendant people often project an image of easygoing bohemianism or general eccentricity. Don't Know Ascendant. Check Now. Finance Are money matters a reason for the dark-circles under your eyes? Ask A Question Is there any question or problem lingering.

9 Traits of Virgo Ascendant Person | Virgo Rising Sign | Kanya Lagna

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Career for Virgo Ascendant

Buy Now. Marriage Report. As a natural benefic, Venus indicates the proper use of resources that result in the fortune that allows the native to enjoy those areas it influences. Saturn, as the 5th and 6th lord, may give joy from work, but not usually until the native has aged somewhat and grown to realize that since there is not a lot they can gain here, they might as well be of service as they improve themselves.

Virgo Ascendant (Kanni Lagna) - Best career option according to Ascendant

And this is just what Saturn is for the Virgo native, a planet of practical improvement through effort, and that includes spiritual efforts as well, since Saturn rules the 5th house of spiritual practices. Due to ruling the 6th house of disease and the 5th house, which is the 12th house from the 6th, giving loss of disease, Saturn gives Virgo their famous healing abilities.

Ruling the 5th house of spiritual practices and the 6th house of work and service causes Saturn to become a qualified karma yogi planet. Saturn is very much a planet of work that must be done as a spiritual service. Saturn rules one malefic house and one benefic house, but since the 5th and 6th lords on mutual angles is said to be a good yoga, Saturn alone qualifies as a temporal benefic for the Virgo native.

As a natural malefic however, Saturn may cause separation from those things it influences due to duty or restraint, and it also a planet of restricted luck, if any.

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Good and bad planets for Virgo Ascendant /Kanya Lagna

Reproduction by any means is not permitted without the express agreement of the website owner. Home Is This You? Audio Files on Flirting! Virgo Ascendant natives are well known for their practical vision towards life besides which they will learn from their early years of life which would make them stand matured and learned later in life.

The Virgo people are very serious towards life and carry a sincere approach for which they become tensed and exceedingly concerned even about little things and so on they are perceived as being prone to worries. These people of Kanya Lagna are truly flexible in their attitude which makes them adapt to any kind of situation besides which they are liberal soul who always need freedom to appear at their best. These Virgo rising or Kanya Lagna natives are not much inclined towards materialistic pleasures as they are quiet spiritual and philosophical in their approach besides which they won't carry any vanity or show off though they could appear quiet snobbish or proudly for their wisdom and attributes.

Besides this, they are well organized in what ever they pursue as even their homes would be well managed even if they have only few things to decorate it. Panel of Astrologers. Know more about our team of celebrity astrologers. We have experts in different areas of astrology in our team More.. Get the live telephonic consultation from our celebrity astrologers Get the answers of all the questions related to aspects by using Vedic Astrology principles answered by the team of Vedic astrologers in the 25,45 or 60 minutes astrology session.

Know about the 10th house of birth chart This section comprehensively covers the significance of the 10th house of birth chart. This section explains the effects of having a good 10th house in person birth chart.

What my horoscope indicate? | Virgo Ascendant

How a person's profession, business, influence, professional success, popularity and higher designation are impacted by 10th house. Virgo Ascendant, Rising sign or Kanya Lagna by indianastrologyhoroscope. Mesha Aries. Vrishabha Taurus. Mithun Gemini.